5 Tips On How To Find The Perfect Running Socks

5 Tips On How To Find The Perfect Running Socks
It’s getting irritating to end up with blisters and smelly feet after every run. This probably happens because you are wearing the wrong type of socks. But it’s enough to make you want to give up your active life for good. Non the less, since you are here, you know how essential it is to take proper care of your feet. Oh, and you probably know that running without running socks is even worse. Do not fret, though! Proper running socks will improve your sports life and motivate you to run longer distances with time. And, another important thing is that they absorb your feet’ sweat, so, hasta la vista smelly feet and blisters!
a man sitting outdoor in shorts and running socks
If you are still unsure what kind of socks will be perfect for you, take a look at the most important things you should know before buying.

5 Things To Look For When Buying Running Socks

It’s so easy to buy the first socks that pop in front of your eyes, no matter if you shop online or in a store. But, you may sometimes get confused since there are plenty of different kinds of running socks available out there. So, we are here to the rescue, presenting you with the five most important things to look for every time you go on a shopping spree. So, let’s roll!

1.   Say Yes To Cushioning

It’s essential to look for running socks with paddings around crucial areas of your feet, such as toes, arches, and heels. And why is that, you might ask? Because these are the most sensitive areas which may eventually develop painful blisters. So, socks with cushioning will keep those areas safe and blister-free while running.

2.   Rib Placement Is Your Friend

a woman sitting by the lake in running socks
If you’ve already experienced problems with slipping socks while running - you’ve met your biggest sock nightmare! This is why another important thing to consider while looking for running socks is the adequate positioning of their rib top. Make sure the socks have a high-quality rib top and ribbed ankle zone to ensure a comfortable fit and a non-skid silicone grip, so they always stay in place, even if you wear them in bed.

3.   Synthetic Fabrics

When it comes to cotton socks, avoid them at all costs because you are giving blisters a warm welcome! As cotton retains moisture and your feet sweat while running, you will end up with soggy socks that will definitely cause blisters on your most sensitive foot areas. On the other hand, running socks are made from synthetic moisture-wicking materials, which is the best solution if you want to keep your feet dry.
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4.   Wool Is Your Buddy

Your feet’ warmth is also another point you should take into consideration when choosing proper socks. We can all agree that we fancy a little bit more heat in our feet while running on a cold winter’s day, so always opt for thicker woolen high-cut socks. And, of course, the opposite when choosing the right pair of socks to wear in summer  - a thin, synthetic, low-cut sock.

5.   Size Matters!

It is imperative to buy the right size! Otherwise, you may end up with a pair of socks that may be too tight or too big. In each case, you will, respectively, end up with blood circulation problems in your feet or internal rubbing that will ultimately lead to foot soreness. Even though these problems can be a perfect excuse to get another beer, forget all about the workout, and camp in front of the tv, we just don’t recommend it; it’s bad for your social life.

Why Are The Penguin Dojo Socks Ideal For Running?

Your search for ideal running socks ends here. Now, you probably ask yourself, what’s so special about the Penguin Dojo socks? Well, aside from the name and super-duper design, let’s start with the materials. The Penguin Dojo socks are made of NILIT® EcoCare nylon fabric and spandex. This means they’re incredibly durable, ultra-comfortable, moisture-wicking, which makes them blisters-free. They feature mesh construction, a sensitive stripped rib top, and a ribbed ankle zone for increased breathability and comfortable fit. As mentioned before, it’s crucial to find socks that will not slip. The non-slip silicone grip of Penguin Dojo socks makes sure your socks always stay in place, and the reinforced heel and toe cushioning makes them perfect for daily wear and tear. When it comes to compression, don’t you worry, we got you covered! The Penguin Dojo socks have enhanced compression bands to provide a targeted compressive force, protecting your feet from pain and discomfort. Now, let’s take a look at the 3 types of Penguin Dojo socks ideal for running.

1.   Penguin Dojo No Show Socks

Sometimes your running shoes or the weather will call for no show socks. So, you can always opt for a pair of ultralight, synthetic socks as they may offer some extra support and comfort but stay invisible.

a woman sitting by the lake wearing no show socks

2.   Penguin Dojo Crew Socks For Trail Running

If you want to make your trail running more enjoyable, there are a few types of socks that can make that dream come true. This is referred to the fact that you can enjoy ground connection while running in ultralight, best-fitting socks. Or, if you are a lover of a good old mud run, opt for synthetic and moisture-resistant running socks that may also offer softer support at your impact zones. For a better running experience, always aim to buy crew socks because your feet will be well protected and able to fight against flying rocks, excessive mud, and many other uncomfortable situations that may appear along the way.

man running in the beach wearing Penguin Dojo crew socks

3.   Penguin Dojo Knee High Socks For Long Runs

All marathon runners (or wannabees!), please gather up! We are aware that you are in desperate need of high-quality socks that will ultimately provide comfort to your feet during your whole long-lasting run. Here, you may opt for knee high running socks.

a man and a woman playing volleyball in shorts and knee high running socks

Let’s Wrap Up

Let’s forget about toe blisters and uncomfortable, painful running. You don’t need to quit running just yet! You just need to be informed what to look for when buying running socks. The Penguin Dojo socks have everything a runner needs. Made of high-quality materials, all Penguin Dojo socks offer a comfortable fit, blister-free experience, and prevent odors. They are ideal for various running types such as casual, long, and trail runs or your regular runs to the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to visit our Penguin Dojo shop, and treat yourself to a perfect pair of running socks!