Start Exercising Again With This Easy To Follow Guide

Start Exercising Again With This Easy To Follow Guide
Thinking about restoring your form and strength? Well, you better. Life happened; you have other priorities and no time for any physical activity. Ehnt! Wrong. Come on...What better way to deal with everyday stress than exercise? Not extra fries, EXERCISE! You, too, know that it’s possible for you to start exercising again, so stop sitting on the fence.
man exercising outdoor in shorts and Penguin Dojo crew socks
You don’t want to be one of those guys who get tired from just climbing up the stairs or gasping for air when they pick up their kid. Not a pleasant sight... Not to mention slightly embarrassing. You want your kid to see you as a superhero. So, put on your cape, you got some work to do! As your sidekicks, we offer you this guide to help you start exercising again.

1. Ready, Steady, Go! 

Create an exercise plan for your particular needs before you go back into a fitness routine and start exercising again.  To execute it, start with something small like stretching or light jogging. Then, you can warm up with 5 - 10 minutes of moderate cardio. Once your endurance is improved steadily, you can build your lean muscles with longer and more frequent workouts. Here are some cardio and strength training exercises that you can try out:
  • Cycling
  • Golfing
  • Burpees
  • Bear crawls
  • Jumping rope
  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging or running
  • Pull-ups (shoulders)
  • Push-ups (shoulders)
  • Goblet Squats (glutes)
  • Barbell Hip Thrust (glutes)
  • Mountain climbing or hiking
  • Rowing, kayaking, canoeing
  • Thruster Squats (whole body)
  • Dumbbell Floor Press (triceps)
  • Dumbbell Incline Curls (biceps)
  • Plank Rows (strong core, glutes, arms)
  • Dumbbell Chest-Supported Row (back)
  • Jumping jacks, squat jumps, split jumps
  • Standing Dumbbell Single-Leg Calf Raise (calves)
  • Deadlifts (upper and lower back, glutes, and hamstrings)
As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. So, no more excuses! 

2. Scatter Those Exercises Around

To follow up on your exercise plan, start exercising regularly. Making it a habit will make it easier to keep going and get closer to your goal.  And nobody said you need to do it all at once. If you’re not able to fit a single 30-minutes workout in your schedule, weave your activities throughout the whole day. It counts! Do your stretching before you take your morning coffee. At work, try some office exercises. And either walk or ride a bike to your workplace. Before you hit the sack, do some plank rows, push-ups, or squats, whatever floats your boat. 

3. Shake It Up A Bit

naked fat man with tattoos listening to the music and dancing
Music photo created by wayhomestudio - Well, of course, doing squats, sit-ups, and lunges is rarely fun, especially for a busy parent. Test the waters before you start exercising. Burn some calories dancing, for instance. No worries if you sweat too much, that’s just your fat crying.  If possible, go swimming or hiking. Go on long walks, or take up martial arts. You’ll need it for your superhero stuff.  There’s no end to your options, so take your cherry-pick. Switch things up if you get bored, but do it safely.

4. Take Breaks

man in exercising gear sitting on a rock meditating
You’re probably bursting with motivation and are eager to start exercising again after reading our previous blog post, but don’t push yourself too much. You’ll end up sore and in unwelcomed pain. Every now and then, when you feel dizzy or nauseous, take a break. Listen to your body; it will tell you when it is too much, and you need to stop. Catch your breath, then, carry on with your superhero training. 

5. Reward Yourself, Take A Rest Day

man sitting in a chair relaxing and drinking wine
When you start exercising, you need to take care of your health. So, if your body feels overcharged, it’s telling you to take a rest day or two. Take them. You’re allowed. You’re allowed to give yourself a treat too. Not candy, though, or booze. We were thinking more like having a hot bubble bath or going to the movies. Okay, a glass of wine is allowed. It helps with blood circulation. So, run Forrest, run!

Why Use Penguin Dojo Running Socks When You Start Exercising

Any physically active person should own a pair or two of running socks. When you start exercising, you don’t want to wear just any socks and deal with smelly, sweaty feet full of blisters. We offer you just the opposite.  The Penguin Dojo Running Socks feature mesh construction and soft fibers that wick the moisture away from the skin. So, when you exercise, your feet will stay cool and dry. And you can say goodbye to the painful blisters and smelly feet! Real lifesavers!  Made of high-quality, eco-friendly material – NILIT® EcoCare nylon with nylon and spandex, they scream comfort and extreme durability. The reinforced cushioning heel and toe add to that as well.
meme saying: when Dojo's around you better run, with Penguin Dojo crew socks in the first plan and a scared man in the second plan
Designed for running or any type of exercise, they provide that perfect unique fit because of their rounded ergonomic shape and enhanced compression bands. And the high-quality sensitive stripped rib top and ribbed ankle zone will ensure a comfortable fit. Comfort is just what you need from your socks when you exercise. And by the way, you can wear them on your rest days too. Neat! Now, anyone who works out usually has the same problem, slipping socks! Are we right? You don’t want to stop in the middle of your exercise just to pull your sock up. Well, we have the solution for you. The Penguin Dojo socks have a non-skid silicone grip which will make sure your socks always stay in place. Ah, that’s the dream now, isn’t it? And to top it all, with their reflective yarn stripe, you’ll get a cooler look! So, what better way than to start exercising again than wearing these unique socks! 

Some Final Thoughts

It’s hard to shake off the old habits, but you are already making the first step as soon as you decide to start exercising again.  Just think of the end results and how good and healthy you’ll feel. Oh, groovy baby, yeah! Ultimately, you’ll feel happier when you start exercising. Doing activities that you enjoy will make it even easier. And you’ll enjoy it even more with the Penguin Dojo Running Socks. They will take care of your feet while you take care of yourself. Don’t wait; order your pair now!