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Penguin Dojo is a company that was created with the mission of making “enjoyable exercise” more accessible to everyone. We don’t just provide cool, innovative, stylish, and extremely comfortable socks for athletes–we enable ordinary people to enjoy exercising with socks that will perfectly fit their everyday need, outfit, and busy lifestyle.

We all have different life goals whether it is a career, family, wealth, etc. We want to be able to enjoy the things that we have, which is why Penguin Dojo has made it their mission of helping people do just that.

We Sell Much More Than Just Socks. We Offer You:

Spontaneity and Time.

With penguin dojo’s socks, you don’t need to make special preparations before exercising or going on a hike because they are designed not only for comfort and performance but also durability! You will save precious minutes by skipping the washing process too as our Dojo’s barely stink after use (just follow instructions).

Support Throughout the Whole Day, Whatever Your Agenda Includes.

These socks are designed to be wearable all day, whether you’re running or walking in the park. They’re comfortable, blister and moisture-free with excellent compression. No blisters, no sweaty feet.

Joy and Happiness Are the Perfect Pair.

When you’re feeling comfortable in your socks all day, it doesn’t feel like a bad thing to make the walk home after work. In fact, instead of jumping straight into bed with Netflix on for company, why not reward yourself with an extra workout? It’s worth every ache and pain that follows!

Mental and Physical health.

Wearing these all-in-one socks will encourage you to spent quality You-time with minimal extra efforts.


You don’t need to have a special pair of socks to enjoy what life offers. The Penguin Dojo socks will fit perfectly in whatever you’re trying to do.

A cool pair of socks that will fit your everyday outfit and your everyday activities.

Penguin Dojo is the ultimate underdog in the fitness industry that encourages and enables people to gear up, not to butch up.

We try to enable people to enjoy exercising and balance work with life. We do not aim to encourage ordinary people to achieve extraordinary fitness goals.

For all of you that find exercising as a hobby and healthy habit, we provide the perfect pair of socks that will enable you to enjoy your active time without extra commitments, additional investments, or special maintenance. Just put them on and you are ready to take the hit of the new day, whatever it brings.

We managed to find the perfect mix of design, science, and technology that will work the magic when it comes to sport socks.

Find your perfect pair. Your feet will feel the difference.