Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteeing a lifetime of happiness. If these aren’t the longest-lasting socks you’ve ever owned, we’ll happily send out another pair to replace them!
No if’s, no and’s, no butt’s (got it?!) and no tiny hiding
little letters.

How Does This Work


You’ve (very unlikely) discovered your PD socks are damaged


Send us the photo of your damaged socks and a brief description of what happened


Simply send them back to us


We send you a fresh pair of the best running socks ever made!

“The Dog Ate my Socks”

We don’t offer warranty on our socks if your pup ate them. If you’re not sure, just ask someone else’s dog to try it out!

What’s Not Covered?

Laundry Accident(s)

We don’t offer a warranty on our socks if they’ve gone AWOL in the laundry, but there’s still a good chance that they’re hiding among other pairs and singles.

“The best damn socks I’ve ever had!”

” I have been struggling with my socks for years. I don’t know how to get rid of the holes in them, and it’s really frustrating! But these Penguin Dojo’s are so great that they’re literally all I buy now – not even just because of durability but also their customer service department is incredible too “

– Marving K.