Our Mission

Following our rich history and tradition of walking, Penguin Dojo wants to make every regular YOU into a happy-feet dude/dudette/pink unicorn/ET. Cause, why bother phoning home if your socks give you the cramps. Other brands focus on folks who want to look like Schwartzie. But us, the rest, we just want comfy socks for our daily stuff. Socks for the rest of us! “Give those people EEAAAHH, Cohegan!” a Total Recall type of a moment.

Fuhgeddaboudit! (Actual word, check Oxford’s Dictionary)

Now, here’s the deal. You sweated, toiled, earned your degree (or left school like a boss), and now you want something more than student debts and a 9 to 5. Fear not. No need to move to Thailand. Or Bali. Or Portland. Na-Ah! Instead, get your feet happy with comfy, cool, sustainable socks that will rock your world and empower you to kick-ass. Whether you’re hustling at work like Rachel, serving good folks great coffee and stuff… or you’re crunching numbers like Chandler… or you dig dinosaurs like Ross, we’ve got the socks for you, my friends.


Ease of Use

With Penguin Dojo socks, you can just keep on rockin’ 24/7 if you want. Easy to wear, easy to maintain. Wash sporadically, no ironing, no special treatment. Like your dad’s Camry. Tank up, kick-ass.
“Yeah, baby!” A. Powers, Special Agent.

Any-time, any-where. Conquerors by design

Penguin Dojo socks make a Rambo out of anyone. Fit for duty on the track, in the gym, at work, in front of the TV. Special compression zones to grip where needed, and caress where wanted.
“Shag-a-liffic, baby” A. Powers. Yeah, the special agent.

Joy And Happiness

We the people have the right of pursuit of happiness, starting with our socks. Cause, screw that one up, and every step along the way will hurt. Like, literally. Built for comfort and endurance, Penguin Dojo socks will take you places, and then some. No sweat.
“Like, seriously Scoob.” Shaggy Rogers

Mental And Physical Health

Arright, picture this: 9-to-5, meetings, stress, deadlines. Sweaty, stinky, aching feet. Fun? Hell no! Now, picture this instead: the zen of footwear. Warm yet no-sweat. Firm grip for no-slipping, yet no fatigue. Cool around the clock, even for that 3-piece dressup par-tay. Of course you’ll be levitating with socks like that. No hoverboard needed,
“Marty!” The Doc.


If The Force needs it, so do you, tiger! Penguin Dojo brings the balance in your life cause without stinky feet, the world smells like success. Don’t trust me? Ever seen a bare-foot jedi master? Nope, they all wear proper Dojos. Except for Yoda, but he’s from a different timezone, so he doesn’t count.
“We-were-on-a-break!” Ross from Friends.

A cool pair of socks that will fit your everyday outfit and your everyday activities.

Penguin Dojo is the ultimate underdog in the fitness industry that encourages and enables people to gear up, not to butch up.We try to enable people to enjoy exercising and balance work with life.

For all of you that find exercising as a hobby or a way of life, we provide the perfect pair of socks that will enable you to enjoy your active time without extra commitments, additional investments, or special maintenance. Just put them on and you are ready to take the hit of the new day, whatever it brings.

We managed to find the perfect mix of design, science, and technology that will work the magic when it comes to sport socks.

Find your perfect pair. Your feet will feel the difference.

White Socks Stink!

Hum, hum, hum white socks are humdrum! Who still wears white socks for goodness sake?! Fun and colorful socks are the way to go! They go with every outfit. Heck, they even look cool with sandals. Even with high heels. Ok, ok, we’re exaggerating a little bit, but you got our point. After years of creation and countless changes, we finally have the socks that scream ‘white socks stink’ and has met the criteria of the toughest socks critics in the world – ourselves. Penguin Dojo socks are the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear. They provide excellent compression and are blister and moisture-free. This doesn’t mean they’re odor-free though. You still need to wash them when they stink.

And not just that. These socks are your best buddy on the busiest days at the office. They are your best companion while running away from angry street dogs. They’re the blister-free basketball game with your friends. They’re a great conversation starter on your first date. They go where no stinky white socks go, and they do it with style. But, don’t take our word for it. Obviously, we’ll say our socks are the best you’ll ever find. Cuz they are, duh. Just kidding. Order some pair and you’ll see for yourself. And if the street dogs catch you after all and make some holes in the socks, you can always return them for a new pair. Now it’s the perfect time to throw away your white socks and join the socks revolution with Penguin Dojo. Your feet will feel the difference.