Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack

Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack
Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack

Jockey Penguin White 3 Pack

Penguin Dojo
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Jockey Penguin Highlights

3D dots ensure excellent grip of the foot

Compression Panels on the Fabric Prevent Bunching and Blisters

Innovative Moisture Wicking Technology for 0 Blisters

Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Fresh Feet All Day

Core Features

  • COOL FEET - Expertly engineered to keep you moving, these running socks will keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • GRADIENT COMPRESSION - Gradient compression helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling for a faster recovery time after a run.
  • ARCH SUPPORT - Engineered arch support keeps your feet in place for better performance and also provides for venous return and recovery
  • TRIPLE Y HEEL - The design of the heel is essential to the fit and comfort of running socks. Our Triple Y heel provides an extra layer of cushioning that will reduce pressure points on your foot, while providing a perfect fit.
  • ENHANCED COMPRESSION BAND - Our triple compression band is designed to provide targeted compression around the arch and ankle area, which helps to improve blood flow, decrease swelling, and prevent injuries.
  • 3D DOTS - The dots are designed to ensure excellent grip of the foot. They are placed on the areas that require extra friction, such as the Achilles area, which is prone to friction and pressure.
  • MULTIPOINT MASSAGING - Designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area.
  • ANATOMICALLY DESIGNED - These socks are Specially designed for right and left feet to ensure a perfect fit.


So you think you’re up for a tough workout, huh?

Well we’ve got the socks for you. Our jockey penguin socks come with an innovative 18 micron merino wool that’s three times better than cotton at wicking away moisture, plus our 3d dots are designed to keep your foot in place when working up some sweat.

Everything about these bad boys is made just right, so you can have that feeling only the best socks can offer! 

Shipping & Return

Free 3 day shipping for domestic orders above $50. We guarantee a lifetime of happiness. If these aren’t the longest-lasting socks you’ve ever owned, we’ll happily send out another pair to replace them!

Care Guide
  • Machine Wash Cold, Inside Out
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Bleach
Lifetime Guarantee
Made From Recycled Materials
Hassle-Free Returns

Recycle & Recover

Our socks are made from recycled materials. Up to 55% energy savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is our commitment to sustainability
Revolutionary Sustainable-Yarn

Breathe easy in our innovative 18-micron Merino wool mesh. It's moisture wicking and totally breathable!

Engineered for Performance

With a wider heel and ankle cuff, these socks let you feel invincible as if gravity never existed. We support each small victory with our genuine graduated compression design for maximum durability.

Anti-Slip Technology

3D dots with Anti-slip technologies provide a strong grip on the shoe, stimulate blood flow, absorb impact and preventing your feet from slipping or moving around as you run