Lagging Leg

Regular price $14.90
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo
Lagging Leg - Penguin Dojo

Lagging Leg

Regular price $14.90

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Lagging Leg Highlights

Ultrasoft durable Fibers

4-way stretch stitching for better movement

Moisture-wicking material for 0 blisters

Comfortable cuff and ankle compression

Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Fresh Feet All Day

Core Features

  • Expert Venting for Cool Feet
  • Triple-Y Heel for a Perfect Fit
  • Engineered arch support to keep you moving
  • Knit foot gradient compression for optimized blood flow


Our lagging leg socks come with extra moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial treatment to keep you feeling fresh.

A knit fabric foot gradient compression provides optimal blood flow, while extending arch support in the heel and toes help propel your feet towards their goal!


Now there’s an even stronger lining that will cushion any impact on hard surfaces too.

Shipping & Return

All shipping is FREE for domestic orders above $50. We guarantee a lifetime of happiness. If these aren’t the longest-lasting socks you’ve ever owned, we’ll happily send out another pair to replace them!

Care Guide
  • Machine Wash Cold, Inside Out
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Bleach
Lifetime Guarantee
Made From Recycled Materials
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Recycle & Recover

Our socks are made from recycled materials. Up to 55% energy savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is our commitment to sustainability
Revolutionary Sustainable-Yarn

The breathable, moisture wicking mesh we knit with our proprietary yarn made of recycled nylon 6.6 keeps you cool and dry during your toughest workouts. Made from eco-friendly, so it's guilt-free to say your good run continues right into the laundry room.

Unrivaled Comfort

We designed our socks with zero seams and cutouts. This maximizes the performance of every muscle in your foot, while decreasing friction by putting less pressure on them so you can feel feather-soft comfort when running.

Reinforced Heel and Toe

The only socks you’ll ever need to prepare for an intense challenge. Made from ultralight, moisture-wicking, ergonomically engineered fibers to help eliminate any friction and discomfort during your run.

The Ultimate Arch Support

Specially designed to prevent them from sliding down in your sneakers by enhancing compression bands around the arch. They also work on stimulating venous return delivering more tonicity to your stride.