Staircase Hiker

Regular price $25.90
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo
Staircase Hiker - Penguin Dojo

Staircase Hiker

Regular price $25.90

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Staircase Hiker Highlights

True graduated compression for a snug feel and muscle support

Reinforced heel and toe fibers for a skin-like comfort grip

Breathable upper mesh for moisture wicking and world-class comfort

Innovative seamless technology for 0 Blisters

Superior calf support to prevent injuries and alleviating shin splints

Core Features

  • Expert venting for Cool Feet
  • Knit foot gradient compression for optimized blood flow
  • Engineered arch support to keep you moving
  • Triple-Y Heel for a Perfect Fit
  • Seamless technology for 0 blisters
  • Reinforced cushioning heel and toe for lifetime durability


Banishing aches and pains? Staying on your toes? Keep moving strong with our staircase hiker knee high running socks.


Supporting you limp less through smooth strides, these celebratory compression socks are just itching to keep you “on the move”! Featuring graduated light compression [15-20 mmhg] for long-haul support, the durable heel ensures a snug fit while the reinforced toe boosts durability.


Flexibility is key with breathable mesh material, expert venting and engineered arch support that all work together to preserve your high-octane leg movement for miles ahead.

Shipping & Return

All shipping is FREE for domestic orders above $50. We guarantee a lifetime of happiness. If these aren’t the longest-lasting socks you’ve ever owned, we’ll happily send out another pair to replace them!

Care Guide
  • Machine Wash Cold, Inside Out
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Bleach
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Made From Recycled Materials
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Recycle & Recover

Our socks are made from recycled materials. Up to 55% energy savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is our commitment to sustainability
Revolutionary Sustainable-Yarn

The breathable, moisture wicking mesh we knit with our proprietary yarn made of recycled nylon 6.6 keeps you cool and dry during your toughest workouts. Made from eco-friendly, so it's guilt-free to say your good run continues right into the laundry room.

Be The Runner You're Meant To Be

We’ve made sure these are the only running socks you'll ever need. Our revolutionary compression technology provides a perfect fit and incredible support during any activity. Engineered to redefine comfort, our high-performance fibers keep feet fresher than ever.


We studied 100 athletes in running, hiking and more to find the product-specific features that needed to be addressed ­­for a champion runner