Running Socks That Turn Fluffy Kittens Into Bad-Ass MO@#$%&*Ckers

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This is the best thing since sliced bread

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“These sock are the bomb. I don’t wear anything else. “


I have ordered several different types of socks and different styles and they have all fully met my expectations. “


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“The Evolution’s Missing Link”

Seriously, bare-foot monkeys came down from trees cause it hurt to hang out on branches all day. No kidding. Try sitting on a branch with bare feet, and you’ll see why!
Now, instead of walking like half-ass apes, let’s talk socks: designed to fit your cool lifestyle, built for comfort at work or wherever, and manufactured with tree-hugging in mind. True story.

Recycle & Recover

Our socks are made from recycled materials. Up to 55% energy savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is our commitment to sustainability
Revolutionizing Running Socks