Running socks that turn fluffy kittens into bad-ass mo@#$%&*ckers

We make your active life more fun with socks that are recycled, engineered to win and made with clean ingredients.


comfortable and last longer than other socks!.”


Best socks ever

These sock are the bomb. I don’t wear anything else.


Expectations met

I have ordered several different types of socks and different styles and they have all fully met my expectations. “


Great socks

They are the socks I had always wondered if they excited. Now I have happy feet! “


Excellent sock

Excellent socks, terrific quality and timely shipping. Highly recommend. They wear well and are super comfy. “


Love these socks

I love these socks–attractive, comfortable, fun. Also, the company is a pleasure to deal with. “


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This is the best thing since sliced bread

Every day, we’re pushing the boundaries of comfort and sustainability. We believe in creative design that’s better for you, your feet, and our planet.

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Penguin Dojo Non Show Sock

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Penguin Dojo Crew Sock

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Penguin Dojo Knee High Sock

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Penguin Dojo Non Show Sock

No-Show Socks

Penguin Dojo Crew Sock

Crew Socks

Penguin Dojo Knee High Sock

Knee-High Socks

“The Evolution’s Missing Link”

Seriously, bare-foot monkeys came down from trees cause it hurt to hang out on branches all day. No kidding. Try sitting on a branch with bare feet, and you’ll see why!
Now, instead of walking like half-ass apes, let’s talk socks: designed to fit your cool lifestyle, built for comfort at work or wherever, and manufactured with tree-hugging in mind. True story.

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The “Does Your Ass Need to Move” Quiz

Life sucks without the right pair of socks. So unless you prefer going barefoot – you monkey – you could never go wrong with having the right pair of socks, or two, or a dozen.

Don’t be a lazy ass. Take the quiz to find the right pair for you.

Saturday Night Sock Talks With Dojo the Penguin
(P.S: EVERY day is Saturday night!)

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